If you want to be an Elite Hitter, or if you are a parent looking for a program to get your athlete noticed by a Top High SchoolCompetitive College, or Professional Scouts, then the Hitting University is for you. This 6 week program guides hitters through each phase of the swing. With our cutting edge technology used by Leading Softball Programs we will identify ways to improve your body movements, increase exit velocity, launch angle and create a stronger athlete.

Hitting University is a guide for advanced hitters, all the way down to players that are just getting going. The program helps teach Elite Swing Movements in a Simple, Clear Way. It’s designed to move you to the next level. Building a Beautiful, Powerful Swing starts with mechanics and is perfected through Repetition.

Hitting University Ages 7 to 12

Wednesdays 6 pm to 7 pm  

April 11th – June 13th

Total Cost For 10 Sessions $340