No one was born with a stick in their hand, but A-Game Sports” lacrosse programs will make players feel like they were. Our specialized instruction for both boys and girls will not only strengthen and refine each of the skills necessary to be an effective lacrosse player, but will also instill the self-confidence needed to be a great competitor on the field.  Whether your child is starting off with the game and needs to learn the basics or is a very experienced player who just needs work in a specific skill like face-offs, A-Game Sports has lacrosse training programs to meet any need.  Our lacrosse instructors have unparalleled passion for the game and their enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge with your kids is what makes them highly effective teachers of the sport.

Fall 2018 Programs:

Boys lacrosse League

Girls Lacrosse League 

Boys Intro To Lax

Girls Intro To Lax

Boys Fundamental Skills Level II

Girls Fundamental Skills Level II

Boys Advanced Dodging & Shooting

Girls Advanced Dodging & Shooting

Micro Lax

Boys Lax Face Off Program

Boys Sharp Shooter Series