A-GAME is pleased to introduce its new A-GAME SUMMER DOLLARS program. The Summer Dollars program will help A-GAME SPORTS customers get more bang for their buck by getting 30% more in credit than the actual dollars spent. 

Details of the programs are as follows: 

1) Program requires a minimum purchase of $500 and can only be made in $250 increments above that. 

 For example, a $500 purchase will result in $650 of SUMMER DOLLARS credit and a $1,000 purchase will result in $1,300 in credit. $2,000 will result in $2,600 of credits.

2) The credits are good for camp, programs, private lessons, small group training sessions, rentals, and birthday parties. (excludes private events where facility is unavailable for public use and also excludes Little Athletes June Multi Sport Camp) 

3) The credits must be used between June 25th and September 7th and is based on when the service is used, not booked.  (i.e. if you purchase a package of lessons, all of the lessons must be completed by September 7th

4) Money spent to purchase A-GAME SUMMER DOLLARS will not be refunded and credits generated by the purchase expire after September 7th.

 Who Is This Program Ideal For?

  This program is not for everyone and should only be purchased by someone looking to keep their kid or kids busy with A-GAME SPORTS this summer.  So if you are still considering camp options for your child or might want private sports training instruction over the summer, then A-GAME Summer Dollars program is of great value.