AGame-20301Welcome to A-Game Sports! Founded in 2013 by two guys who decided that it was time to do what they truly love in life, A-Game Sports has made the ideology of fusing hard work and fun into a reality. Sports have always been a passion of the staff at A-Game Sports and we are excited about the opportunity to share that enthusiasm with kids of all ages and skill levels that come through our programs. As an instructional and recreational youth sports programming company, A-Game Sports’ wants to make athletics an awarding experience for all kids, irrespective of skill level, financial resources or motivation for playing the sport.

From kids playing simply to have fun to those wanting to compete at the highest levels, A-Game Sports believes that the core values of every athlete should be the same. Determination, discipline, preparation, teamwork, sportsmanship and personal accountability are just a few of the things that A-Game Sports hopes to instill and/or reinforce in enrollees of any of our programs. And no matter what A-Game Sports program a child participates in, they should always end up being more proficient in the sport than when they first started.

Our staff consists not only of former collegiate stars and elite athletes but also of educators and highly talented recreational players who are experienced in working with children and who know the value and impact that sports can have on children’s physical and emotional development. While we would love to see some of our young athletes play a sport at a collegiate or professional level one day, we take greater pride in knowing that the kids in our programs are being taught valuable life skills and principles that can be applied later on in their lives – both personally and professionally.

Sports is about fun for the kids and we at A-Game Sports will make that the number one priority. However, you should also expect your child to learn when they come to A-Game Sports. We want all of the children to not only have their “A Game” on the field but to also have it wherever they are or whatever they are doing in life.

We appreciate your consideration of A-Game Sports as a choice for some (or all) of your child’s athletic endeavors.

At A Game Sports we don’t just make better athletes, we make better people.