Face-off Clinic

Control the face-off with precision and technique. Join our skilled face-off professionals to learn the ins and outs of the position.
*For Players With At Least 1 Year Playing Experience

Saturday | December 2nd | 1pm – 2pm
Tuesday | December 5th | 6pm – 7pm


Boys Shooters Special

Harness your power and tag the corner on every pull. Join our team and become a threat on the outside.
*For Players With at Least 2 Years Playing Experience

Tuesday | December 12th | 6pm – 7pm


Boys Skills and Scrimmage

One hour of lacrosse training & field knowledge, on turf. Build team chemistry and get out on the field in a game-speed setting.
*For 1st & 2nd graders.

Sunday | December 3rd | 1pm – 2pm
Tuesday | December 19th | 6pm – 7pm


Boys Carnival Day

Players get to put their lacrosse skills to the test in a fun carnival game like setting.  Shot speed will be tested with a radar gun while other games such as the Bucket Challenge, Gladiator, Dodgeball and Sharks and Minos will be played.
*For all ages and skill levels

Saturday | December 9th | 3pm – 4pm
Wednesday | December 20th | 5pm – 6pm


Boys Intro to Lax Hour

Build from the basics. Develop a ground level and learn to grow with the game in our Beginner Lax Hour session.
*For players just starting or who have never played 

Saturday | December 2nd | 11am – 12pm
Saturday | December 16th | 1pm – 2pm


Cost Per Single Session Clinic: $30