Softball Tee Work (2)

This hitting for power series is a great opportunity for girls to work on perfecting their swing and mechanics. Hitting can be a challenging task for even the best of players and our instructors break down all of the key elements critical for success.  In this program, players will work on balance, weight distribution, proper upper and lower body rotation, hand movement and plate discipline. Nothing makes a player better at hitting than repetition and girls will have that opportunity through various weekly drills and games including tee work, soft toss, and live pitching. Learning to be patient at the plate and staying “inside the ball” will be important areas of focus for each series. Older girls will also spend time learning how to adjust to pitch counts, slap hit, protect the plate and hit to specific areas of the field. Max 4 spots Per Class.

Ages 9 – 13

Mondays  |  5 pm to 6 pm

September 10th – October 29th

Wednesdays  |  6 pm to 7 pm

September 12th – October 31st

Fridays  |  5 pm to 6 pm

September 14th – November 2nd

Cost For 8 Week Class: $345


Players Must Bring Their Own Helmet and Bat