Join us at A-Game this winter to make sure you keep your arm strength, accuracy and pitching acumen functioning at season form. Not only is this instructional but we incorporate “brain games” to keep your mind sharp and involved in your bullpen session. Every time you hit your target add a point; when you miss your target take a point away.  When you throw right down the heart of the plate take away two points.  Games like this keep pitching exciting and it allows you to actually compete against yourself and see your progress each bullpen session.  Most importantly, it helps you hit your spots.

Bullpens are also a great time to work on off-speed pitches allowing you to get a “feel” for each pitch.  It’s important to know what it feels like to throw your change-up and become more consistent with it. There is no better way to learn this process than utilizing your bullpen time for this.  With that being said, most of your bullpens you are not going to be throwing 100% velocity.  When you are practicing your other pitches, to get that feel, it is best to slow it down to 70-80% of max velocity.

High School Age & Older

Mondays | 7 pm to 8 pm
December 4th, 11th and 18th

Per Session Cost:  $20
Sign Up For All 3 Sessions:  $55