The Lacrosse Rapid Fire will include 10, 30 minute sessions which must be used within 45 days of purchase.

 Build the essential skills required to excel on the field through Wall Ball training.  


 The training sessions will include the following:

1. High Reps – Get your hands hot! Repetition is key.


2. Hand Placement – Be sure to snap your wrists.


3. Accuracy – Focus on a specific area that you should hit again and again.


Challenge yourself to get better!


Wall Ball Program  – Breakdown

25 right 
25 left 
25 split dodges 
25 roll dodges
25 whip and flips (both hands) 
25 one hand high (both hands)
25 one hand low (both hands) 
25 whip and flip, one hand low (both hands)
25 Australian (both hands)
25 behind the back (both hands)
50 quick sticks (both hands)

The Rapid Fire Pack is $375 for 10 sessions

For more information or call 914-278-9477