A-GAME SPORTS small group lacrosse training sessions are designed for 2 to 4 players that have specific needs and desired areas of improvement.  Similar to the individual lesson programs, A-GAME SPORTS exclusive lacrosse-minded professional instructors can work with small groups in any area of lacrosse including shooting, passing, stick handling, goaltending, face-offs or defense.  As an added benefit of the small group training, the lessons are able to include a healthy amount of competition between the players, not only helping them with their game, but making it a lot of fun for all those that are practicing. All small group lessons are 60 minutes.

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*Please Note: Listed price is for the entire selected package, not per player.

1 Lesson 2 Players $150
1 Lesson 3 Players $195
1 Lesson 4 Players $220
5 Lessons 2 Players $725
5 Lessons 3 Players $925
5 Lessons 4 Players $1,045
10 Lessons 2 Players $1,200
10 Lessons 3 Players $1,560
10 Lessons 4 Players $1,760

**Please Note: A 50% deposit is required for the 10 lesson packages. The remaining balance is due after the 5th lesson. All packages expire one year from time of purchase.

Contact A-Game Sports to purchase lessons and schedule training sessions through the contact page or by calling 914-278-9477.

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