A-GAME SPORTS 1-on-1 soccer training sessions are designed for the specific needs and desired areas of improvement of each player.  Whether it’s shooting, dribbling, passing, goalkeeping, or defense,  A-GAME SPORTS’ exclusive soccer-minded professional instructors are uniquely qualified at breaking down the game to its simplest form, helping develop and fine tune skills and most importantly, keeping the game fun for those that play it.

1 Lesson 40 Minutes $90
1 Lesson 60 Minutes $125
5 Lessons 40 Minutes Each $425
5 Lessons 60 Minutes Each $575
10 Lessons 40 Minutes Each $730
10 Lessons 60 Minutes Each $1,000
20 Lessons 40 Minutes Each $1,380
20 Lessons 60 Minutes Each $1,800

 *Please Note: A 50% deposit is required for the 10 lesson and 20 lesson packages. The remaining balance is due after the 5th lesson.

5 Lesson Purchases expire 6 months from time of purchase, 10 & 20 lesson packages expire 12 months from time of purchase. 

Contact A-Game Sports to purchase lessons and schedule training sessions through the contact page or by calling 914-278-9477.