The 5-Tool-Player Series is the perfect program for players looking to sharpen their skills in each area of baseball that makes a complete player. Kids will work on hitting, hitting for power, fielding, throwing and base running skills & speed. Players in this program will be encouraged to treat each part of his game as an important area of focus for baseball development.

Ages 6 to 9  |  Tuesdays  |  5 pm to 6 pm 

April 10th – June 12th

10 Sessions Total 

Ages 6 to 9  |  Fridays  |  4 pm to 5 pm

April 13th – June 15th

10 Sessions Total

Ages 10 to 12  |  Wednesdays  | 5 pm to 6 pm  

April 11th – June 13th

10 Sessions Total


Total For 10 Sessions: $375 

*Players Must Bring Their Own Glove, Helmet and Bat*